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Nike snkrs plug

Our SNKRS plug provides accurate and early SNKRS info on shockdrop or any surprise releases.

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24/7 Support

Our team is online 24/7 and can help perfect your setup with 1 on 1 support.

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Bot Restock Methods

In depth bot restock guides with our fast twitter monitor make cooking bot restocks easy.

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Kith plug

Accurate Kith early links ensuring your bot is ready to go ahead of time.


monthly groupbuys

Monthly Groupbuys with Balkobot and bi-monthly groupbuys with WhatBot.


Fast custom monitors

Our custom shopify monitor beats other by seconds, a deadly combo when paired with our in-house ACO.


ACO on restocks

In house Autocheckout ran on our servers with our proxies. All you need to do is add keywords.


Free slots

Our staff offers free slots to the group on sought after releases.


early links

Early links and variants are offered every drop in a dedicated channel.


  • Are there any lifetime memberships?

    Lifetime memberships will never be sold, Calicos lifetime keys are obtained exclusively from giveaways, and can be bought and sold through trusted 3rd party transactors such as BotBroker

  • Whats ACO?

    ACO is Calicos Automated checkout feature, custom coded and tested to perfection. All you have to do is enter keywords, we handle the rest.

  • When do you restock?

    Calicos is always looking for fair and innovative ways to release memberships, stay alert to our social medias when we announce information, and be ready for the unexpected

  • Do you have any group buys?

    As a group focused on user-experience, Calicos provides group-exclusive opportunities to purchase highly limited software and tools, all tailored to your suggestions and needs.